Every EA-USA Unit is Hand Made on a Strong Foundation

#12 & #14 Gauge US STEEL Chassis, powder coated in ELECTRIC GREEN !

ELECTRIC AMP Roll Bar System designed for strength and tech service.

Notice the Burly Stitch Welded Front Panel.  Four Welded High Temper US Steel lug nuts secure the chassis inside it's amp  sleeve for a lifetime.  EA-USA chassis are the Foundation
to our HIGH PERFORMANCE PRO AUDIO.   You will not find anything else like it in the amp
industry.  Check out the BMX / Mountain Bike or Firearms Industry, but not in the amp biz
for these type of welded steel chassis.

SUPER High Quality Components from Mercury Magnetics, and SOZO are used inside
an ELECTRIC AMP, USA Unit. Shipping and Touring is rough on pro audio equipment.
Mounting these components in our engineered desing on a solid foundation is  the 
right thing to do.


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