Back in February of 1994 the World was hit by tone waves in a sonic and retro way.
Burly Mondo Riffs, launched into the atmosphere by three tone magis in a band called SLEEP.
Over the years the Quest to Attain this tone was only half the battle.

Maintaining the tone was the other half....

This era of blazing amplifiers through an  arsenal of cabs was a rocky road.  Amp failure
malfunctions and live smoking amp units created stress for musicians on the stage
and in the studio.

At times during 1994-2005 the pursuit for the Green Amp had become very unrewarding
for many who even breathed the word "Green Amp".    Ending our prouduction overseas
in England's Huddersfield shop ended the hassle attached to GREEN Amps and Cabs.
Eliminating individuals that do not play guitar or bass from our production line was
essential for progress.

In 2005 Electric Amp, USA brought the GREEN Amp and Cabs to the level of
craftmanship and performance required to do it right.

In the end, if you are a string instrument player that is gearhead crazy, and chassing the riff
with obsession, all of the hassles from 1994-2005 were "the steps" to attaining the
amp that will do what was originally sought after.

The Innovations that have evolved could only come from those that were in the "trenches
of tone" and who sorted through the events that prevented  "the riff's" sonic volume.

There are some individuals out there that make music that keep us at ELECTRIC AMP
in complete listening enjoyment while we build our custom Amps and Cabs.

Al Cisneros from OM and his previous releases with SLEEP fill the air at ELECTRIC AMP.

Bjorn Andersson in Ocean Chief from Sweden brings modern doom to a new level for
us to enjoy here in the USA.

Urlo and Poia in UFOMAMMUT from Italy, continue to amaze us with their incredible tones.

Hank Williams, III brings on the tone and volume with a doomonic blaze that rules with
high octane energy.

We at ELECTRIC Amp , USA personally thank these individuals and their band mates for
the inspiration to riff like them, and most of all, to build their gear.  Over the years
we have stood by these guy's stages and studied their riffage on their releases.

Many other INDY bands and main stream bands support us and we are very thankful.

Knowing this, it is our obligation in return, to provide the best  GREENAMPS to every
individual that attains one from us.   Most of all in a consistant manner and with
reliability to SONIC VOLUME AND TONE for a lifetime !

Thank You for your support of GREEN AMPS by ELECTRIC AMP, USA.



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